Design Flexibility

Soundtect Acoustic Wall and Ceiling panels are available in 9 eye-catching designs in our core range and a separate Class range that will enhance the interior of any project.Soundtect Acoustic panels are readily available in 12 colors to compliment your project. With the ability to offer a far greater range of colors based on quantity, and the option to paint them to match any corporate color or design requirements, Soundtect is also the perfect choice for more bespoke applications.

Environmentally conscious

Soundtect Ltd. is very proud of its environmentally friendly approach to acoustics. Using 70% recycled polyester; Soundtect acoustic panels are a 3rd generation product which began life as PET bottles. Not content with manufacturing this product into exhibition carpets for their second short term use, we felt they still didn’t comply with our environmental values. So the carpet fibres were reused and layered in a unique way to create our highly efficient acoustic felt and Soundtect Acoustic panels were born.

Application Solutions

Education, Offices, Retail, Leisure, Hotel, Restaurant, Public Health, Commercial and Domestic. Soundtect Acoustic Panels provide up to 0.95 NRC and are easily installed making them the perfect acoustic solution. a single use exhibition carpet was not complying with our environmental values and Soundtect Acoustic panels were born.

Project Support

Soundtect experts would be delighted to assist you with all stages of your project from working on your design with an architect to in-house installation support. Soundtect staff will work closely with you to ensure project satisfaction.

Performance Guaranteed

Soundtect Acoustic panels are all tested to British and European Standards for both fire and acoustics. We are consistently ensuring that tests for every product are current and valid. Soundtect are happy to provide certification upon request giving you peace of mind when it comes to specifying and installing Soundtect Acoustic panels.
“It’s through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we’ve always mapped our path at Soundtect. There’s always an opportunity to make a difference”