Benefits of using Acoustic Sound Proofing Panels

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December 17, 2015
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July 8, 2016

Benefits of using Acoustic Sound Proofing Panels

Benefits of using sound panels

An overwhelming majority of the harsh noise you experience in a room is the result of sound bouncing off the ceilings, floors, and any other hard surfaces in that room. As a result, reverberant sound mixes with direct sound and causes an acoustic muddle that makes listening and communication extremely difficult. In learning spaces, ensuring a high degree of speech intelligibility is critical. But, it’s not just educational facilities that are in need of sound quality and reverberation control. Noise levels can make a difference in hotels, workplaces, recording studios, and, of course, your very own private sanctuary, your home. Elevated noise levels can affect your lifestyle as well, and be the cause of discomfort, and annoyance, among others. , among others. To eliminate these problems and give yourself the pleasure of no-echo, no-reflection sound that colors or muddles amplified speech and music, the use of sound absorbing panels is indeed a life-saving option. In short, acoustic panels are installed on the exterior part of the wall rather than underneath it, and come in beautiful, eye-catching designs that enhance the décor of the room they are placed in. Soundtect Class sound absorbing panels offer you Class A absorption (the highest sound absorption, based on the measured absorption performance across a frequency range between 4KHz and 250 Hz) that help reduce background sound noise levels while increasing speech intelligibility. Plus, they are easy to install and give you the option to either use them to create floating ceilings or mount them on the wall and enjoy enhanced sound quality.


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Sound Absorbing Panels are Eco-Friendly

Long gone are the days when a business was judged solely by its ability to deliver goods. Today, the way of delivery and how it impacts on the environment and society (aka Corporate Social Responsibility) are also considered important, and rightfully so. It is our duty to make sure future generations will be able to enjoy the lifestyles we enjoy today, so a strong commitment to ethical behaviour is paramount. Using more than 50% of recycled polyester that started its journey as plastic PET bottle, we create 3rd generation sound absorbing panels for an Eco-friendly approach to acoustics. To meet our environmental beliefs, we layer the recycled fiber from used exhibition carpets, giving birth to an acoustic material of unbeatable quality and performance. It goes without saying that for companies seeking green options for their offices or other indoor spaces, as well as solutions for excellent acoustics, having sound absorbing panels will tick all their boxes. Sound panels will give you high-quality sound and phenomenal sound absorption.

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Sound Acoustic Panels and Aesthetics

Sound panels come in many different styles that enhance the beauty of each space and blend with its interior design, ranging from the original fabric to printed fabrics of choice, and different colours and thickness, depending on your specifications and needs . However, we have taken design a step up and have given our sound panels a trendier (but always classy) appeal, such as our Splat pattern that fits perfectly with the playful nature of a kindergarten and creates the ideal acoustic environment for education facilities, and not only. You may also choose our stylish Celeste flower design and rest assured you’ll have all eyes staring at your wall and ceiling panels in awe. For those that fancy the appeal of the asymmetrical design, Cubism is perfect. You can paint it with the colour you desire and can easily be used in practically any environment. Besides its excellent acoustic properties, though, it is also non-toxic, which means it does not pose a risk of triggering allergies or irritating you, unlike other sound panels in the current market. Waves and Prism, on the other hand, are both superb options for your home, music studio, and even retail shop. But, that’s not it. For the increased demands of today’s education sector, we have created Class; a striking combination of design, performance, and affordability that has provided hundreds of our clients with an outstanding 0.95 NRC, making it the perfect choice for those looking for high performance, yet cost effective, sound acoustic panels. Of course, Class can also be used in commercial settings, too. For more designs, please feel free to browse our Gallery.

Easy-to-Install and Care

You can attach sound acoustic panels to your ceilings or hang them on the wall. Whether you need to install acoustic panels for your conference room, classroom, training hall, band room, auditorium, retail outlet, manufacturing company, TV station, restaurant, theatre, entertainment venue or any other setting when controlling and managing the level and quality of sound is paramount, you can heave a sigh of relief that you won’t have to sweat over it. Installation is very straightforward and does not require a great deal of effort or labour. In fact, we have created a step-by-step video that demonstrates how easy it really is! As for care, our sound panels can be easily cleaned with soapy water. You may also use a carpet cleaner, specifically designed to remove marks or stains. You only need to blot (not soak) the panel first to help loosen up surface spills and help remove them more easily. Clean gently with a soft, clean cloth, making sure you don’t overdo it with rubbing, and you are pretty much done! Now, if you want to paint the panel over with a shade of your likes, you can do so once if you have panels with Paint Finish. However, it’s not recommended to apply more coats of paint so that you maintain the acoustic performance at optimal levels. It’s become apparent that sound acoustic panels are not only effective in controlling noise and absorbing sound (and capturing clear and crisp sound) but also provide you with eye-pleasing, decor-enhancing solutions that meet your particular needs and steal impressions. For more information or queries, kindly contact us.