Sustainability is about more than simply looking after the environment so with companies looking extensively at green options for their new offices, Soundtect credentials means that we are frequently specified for projects demanding high levels of sustainable design. Soundtect is very proud of its environmentally friendly approach to acoustics. Using way over 50% recycled polyester, the panels are a third generation product which began life as a plastic PET bottle. Not content with turning this product into exhibition carpets for their second use, the panels were designed after it became clear that one use for exhibitions was a real issue in our companies’ environmental beliefs. So, using a careful yet effective way of layering the recycled fibre from the used carpets, a superior quality high performance acoustic felt was born. A design team was brought in to create the fabulous designs that are now instantly recognisable and through Soundtect the face of acoustics changed forever.

Also with our stock now housed in the UK, we have reduced our own carbon footprint by transporting the products to our clients via local couriers instead of flying each order over separately.