Home Cinema project setting new trends

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July 9, 2016
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July 22, 2016

Home Cinema project setting new trends

Cubism acoustic panels by Soundtect set the scene for a stylish, hi-tech and comfortable home cinema


“….The client has confirmed that the acoustics in their new cinema room are superb, and coping very well with the loud soundtracks of their favourite action films!”



Advanced technology has made a dramatic addition to this family cinema room in the form of customised panels from leading acoustic pioneers Soundtect. Interior designer Louise Lambert found the ideal solution to various design challenges in the striking shape of the company’s adaptable Cubism panels which have been installed to exacting specifications and then hand-painted in a carefully chosen bespoke finish.


As part of a major renovation to a 1910 four bedroom family home in Sussex, a new entertainment facility was created in a converted garage block. While wishing to remain sympathetic to the architecture of the overall scheme, with features such as ceiling beams and oak flooring, the family also wanted state-of-the-art audiovisual systems and a thoughtful design that would enhance their viewing experience.


To improve the sound quality of a setting that risked excess reverberation, Louise understood the necessity of applying the best in acoustic panel design, aiming for a solution that would perform beautifully both aesthetically and functionally.

Home Cinema project setting new trends 01


The new cinema room of family home in Sussex, featuring customised Soundtect Cubism acoustic panels


Designer Louise Lambert comments, “I decided to construct a floating ceiling that would absorb the echo that the eaves were currently producing, while maintaining the feeling of space offered by the high ceilings, something that the client was particularly keen to keep. The panel installation needed to be in tune with the contemporary setting while also creating a cosseted, cosy ambience. I felt the space would benefit from strong slabs of colour to balance out the expanse of black leather presented by the sofas.


“I found the perfect answer in the Soundtect Cubism panels, not only to give the bold geometric statement that I wanted, but also to significantly reduce the lower frequency resonance. By painting the 3D Cubism panels, I was not limited to the usual standard corporate colours, but was able to incorporate the subtlety of a more domestic palette into my design.”


The Cubism panels have been applied both to the false ceiling and to the end wall of the cinema room, thereby softening a further flat, hard surface that would adversely affect the acoustics, but which now also establishes a high-impact visual feature that acts as the focal point when entering the room

Home Cinema project setting new trends

The beauty and inventiveness of Soundtect acoustic panels lies not only in their excellent absorption properties, but also in their elegant versatility, opening up a wide vista of design possibilities for both commercial and residential environments. The highly original, multi-dimensional Soundtect offering is suitable for both residential settings and various commercial sectors such business, education, hospitality, healthcare, and of course, recording studios and performance spaces.


Balancing sound by offering acoustic buffering that enhances speech clarity while reducing reverberation and background noise, the panels are available in a collection of eight textured designs that can be adapted to any situation or scheme.


The system is proven to achieve a remarkable minimum of 0.6 Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) to an outstanding 0.95 NRC. The benefit of high sound absorption is particularly desirable in rooms with hard floors or where insufficient textile features mean less reduction of airborne sound or impact echoes. The suitable amount, size and position of panels required can be calculated by a skilled acoustician or with acoustic measuring equipment.


Available in individual units of 450, 500 or 600mm square, Soundtect panels are easy to customise and install. The individual sheets are butted together and then hung with concealed metal brackets, either at the corners or centrally, to cover small or large areas and even to create partition walls. The fabric covering the panels is purely recycled polyester giving a good background for paint finishing. Soundtect suggests using a water-based paint, watered down further before using a spray gun to cover the panels.


The ground-breaking Soundtect collection offers an enhanced material palette to interior design, allowing for sophisticated, sculptural finish while solving the problems of sound pollution and maximising both occupier comfort and the functionality of a space. A further advantage comes in the form of sustainability…the natural felt designs are made from recycled materials and are also entirely recyclable.


Louise Lambert is certainly happy to have discovered the multiple benefits of the Soundtect solution, saying, “I am delighted with the result and most importantly, the client thinks it looks great. They have confirmed that the acoustics in their new cinema room are superb, and are coping very well with the loud soundtracks of their favourite action films!”


Anna Dawson, the company’s UK sales and Marketing manager says of Soundtect says, “This application is an excellent example of how our unique and very carefully developed product can make a significant difference to both the design and the acoustic performance of any environment, from residential to commercial. We are thrilled that both the designer and the family are getting the very best from a product we are extremely proud of and we look forward to a very promising future for our ultra-versatile offering.”